Palo Alto to the Pacific

A 42 mile trek from the Palo Alto Baylands to Gazos Creek Beach on the Pacific

Day 4: Portola Redwoods State Park - Pescadero Creek County Park - Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Pescadero Creek County Park The logistics of doing this next segment would have been difficult as a one-way, so I decided to concentrate on getting the climb done and looping back at the end of the day to avoid a big car shuttle operation. The elevation gain is about 1820 feet over a distance of three miles, which is a pretty good workout for anybody. But this would be the last major climb of the trek, the remaining trail being mostly downhill towards the ocean.

Pescadero Creek County Park To complete this stretch you leave Portola Redwoods State Park after crossing Pescadero Creek, and pick up the Portola Trail. From there you join up with the Butano Ridge Trail which tees with Basin Trail. The last critical link is known as "The Basin Trail Easement", a connector on private property that bridges the gap between Pescadero Creek County Park and Big Basin Redwoods State Park.

Jeanne S My hiking friend, Jeanne, joined me on this stretch and together we made good time up the hill. We arrived at a beautiful viewpoint on the Basin Trail happy that the climb was over. This trip had an elevation gain second only to the first day on the trail. This segment of the journey was completed and we headed back.

My next trip will start from China Grade, planned for another day.

Statistics for Day 4: 4.92 miles covered, 1826 ft. elevation gain, October 4th, 2003

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